Autobiography’s Play at Objectivity

Last week I questioned the epistemological status of objectivity. We humans can never achieve true objectivity, I argued, for try as we might to transcend our subjective vantage points and reach an ideal, all-encompassing, impartial view, the very gaze which we turn on reality is itself already spoken for by the unconscious processes of emotion. […]

The Illusion of Objectivity Betrayed by the Pervasive Influence of Emotion

The question of reality is straightforward for most people. There are those who think that ‘knowing’ reality is a simple matter of observing the events and details of their immediate environment. Thus, what you see out your window, the weather, your interactions with those around you, etc. all constitute what I will call for argument’s […]


self unreflecting is a blog dedicated to the research I am doing for my undergraduate honors thesis for the Spanish department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. My thesis, although still lacking a determinate shape, will comprise psychological analyses of the nature of the two distinctive worlds brought into being by each hemisphere of the brain; in what way the reverberations between these separate perceptual modes result in consciousness and, a slightly different thing, self-consciousness; the role of language as the only explicit means of entry into the largely implicit workings of the mind; and the effects that the very use of language itself will have on how one examines, and later attempts to represent the self in autobiography.

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